I was able to win several small pots early. Negraneau limped first in late position, as did 에볼루션카지in the cutoff, I completed with 95 in the SB, and Josephy knuckled from the BB. Blinds were 8/16k with 2k ante so there was about 80k in the pot. Everyone checked the 987 rainbow board. The turn came a 6 and again I checked as did Josephy. Negraneau bet 40k and Violette folded. I didn’t really think he had the 10 as he checked the flop quickly and didn’t even consider betting. I figured with my idiot end of the straight, I was either drawing dead or he was drawing pretty slim. So I elected to just call. Josephy folded and we both checked the river 9 and my straight was good. About a round later, Violette raised to 37k on the button and I defended with 78s from the BB. I was looking to get involved with Violette because her hold’em game still has some rough edges to it. While I played cash games for two years in AC, I knew that she tore up the high limit stud games and that she only occasionally played hold’em. With the explosion of hold’em tournaments, she has transitioned quite successfully, but she plays the game sort of like an old stud player. She likes to see flops and is a bit uncertain of herself post-flop. Players like Negraneau, Fischman, and especially the hyperag internet kids like Zee Justin would be able to play circles around her because she is mostly level 1 thinking. I would definitely stay out of her stud games, but in hold’em, I welcomed playing with her, especially when her pre-flop raise was so small. The flop came Q44, which is a perfect bluffing opportunity. I bet 40k into the 100k pot and she flashed me an ace before folding. The texture of the board is so good to bluff at because she basically has to have a queen to continue. I probably wouldn’t make this play against a more savvy opponent because they’d think to themselves, why is this aggressive kid leading into me? Would he play a 4 or a Q this way? Probably not. With those hands, he’d probably check raise. Therefore, he probably has air (at most a small to medium pocket pair) so a healthy raise should move him off this pot. This level 2 and 3 thinking and execution is something I was pretty surprised that Violette has not quite developed. In the last hand of the level, I was in the BB, and Fischman raised to 50k second in and got called by an unknown guy, and I looked at two kings in the BB. There are many ways to play this hand. I ordinarily just call if its heads-up but with the extra player in, I wanted to get extra value. I could just make a standard raise because the hand is so strong and see a flop, but I’d play the entire hand out of position. Or I could make a massive re-raise and try to project that I was executing the squeeze play. I re-raised 175k. Basically that was going to end the hand unless Fischman put me on a play and decided to push pre-flop with tens, jacks, or AQ. That was my hope but he took some time and folded as did the other player. Could have turned out better but I was happy to stack the pot and enter the break as one of the chip leaders and a member of the comma comma club.