What Are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are a perfect mix of resin and hardened micro granule particles like zirconium oxide and quartz that serve as the best filling in place of the decaying portion of the tooth. When it comes to treat a dental cavity by removing the decaying material present inside the tooth, the dentists prefer to use soft and putty like tooth colored fillings that get hardened on being exposed to high intensity (blue curing) light. If you need more related services or best “Best fillers near me NYC” consulting, visit this website today – https://mariehayagmd.com

Why Tooth Colored Fillings Are Used?

Apart from filling up the decayed part of the tooth, the light colored fillings can be used to rebuild broken, cracked teeth or teeth that have already been exhausted due to occasional tooth grinding and nail biting. Nowadays, a wide variety of tooth filling materials are available. As a patient, you can surely choose from porcelain, gold, plastic, silver amalgam (consisting of a mixture of mercury, copper, zinc, tin and silver etc), composite resin or tooth colored fillings. However, getting the flexibility in choosing the right filling material is not enough as you will have to pay attention to the dental insurance coverage on the chosen filling type.

How Safe Are Tooth Colored Fillings?

Tooth colored fillings are getting more popular these days as an effective option in cosmetic dental care method. The fillings are fully safe in treating new cavities or replacing the old tooth fillings. In fact, these fillings turn out to be safer than silver fillings which are partly composed of mercury. Since mercury is harmful, dentists are doubtful regarding the safety aspects of these fillings that function within the mouth region. The tooth colored fillings is finely moldable resin materials that can perfectly bond with the tooth. Again, a dental sealant is used to perfectly seal the tooth immediately after putting the fillings inside it. In this way, tooth colored fillings result in an esthetic smile that hardly shows any sign of filling.

How Better Are Tooth Colored Fillings Than Silver Fillings?

The tooth colored fillings is superior to silver fillings which easily get marked out. Though their longevity and strength are found to be same as that of silver fillings but they always exceed in esthetic results. Due to the advantageous tooth color and shade of the fillings, no body will ever able to know about your cavity. The most advantageous feature of tooth colored fillings is that they can successfully replace the decayed part of the tooth yet stick to the applied area for long due to excellent bonding capacity. Again, they are comparatively less sensitive to cold and hot and with them it is always possible to develop tooth structure having fine depth and undercuts that are required for longer retention of fillings.