Fun with names: Jeremy went from the 41st most popular baby boy name in 1990 on a linear decline to 89th in 2001, at the same time Jeremiah’s stock steadily rose from 165th to 91st. Meanwhile, some highly questionable names like Tyler and Madison have experienced meteoric rises to fame while kickass names like Floyd and Otto (50th and 99th in the 1900s) are face down in the muck (964th and >1000th in 2001).

Best boy and girl names from the 1900s list? I’ll go with Wyman and Dominga.

Maintaining these stats is what Michael game slot penghasil uang langsung ke rekening aka The Wizard of Odds used to do before he decided to become a full-time gambling pundit.

I’ve thought of at least five games to play with this data, mostly involving money. Mission of the day: become a baby name hustler.

all’s working in love and casino war

I am now a blogging bloke. What is my mission for love and casino war? Well, I can say for certain that its importance is exceeded only by its mystery. Current nominations:

forcing opinions of dubious merit on a hypothetical audience

pursuing and broadcasting excellence

telling semi-factual, semi-humorous stories about girls, gambling and excessive consumption of vodka

doing something other than chewing cherry tobacco and ironing my boxer shorts

following the herd

being recognized as the number one online personality in the western hemisphere

amusing my friends

lists of excellence

Local lists of excellence activity: upgraded Opal Divine’s on pub list based on diversions I had previously not experienced; added Sake on Sixth to sushi list based on recent good experiences, and new Wednesday night karaoke.


In preparation for my trip to Cancun this weekend, I actually spent some time tonight reading the manual of my new Canon Powershot S45 digital camera. I learned a thing or two and heartily recommend reading the floundering manual of all your complicated electronic goods.

I took some photos that are decent enough to share.

retro ads

Collection of old-school cigarette ads:

If I told you the original network run of The Flintstones (1960-1966) was sponsored by a cigarette maker and that you could watch the main characters smoking Winstons at the end of the show, you probably wouldn’t believe me.

On Wednesday night at the Drafthouse downtown, they showed a bunch of these ads before the show, including the ad of Barney and Fred smokin’ it up. I hope they keep showing them at different shows, they were interesting. Seeing any TV cigarette ad feels odd; seeing the Bedrock boys discuss the merits of Winston cigarettes is just plain bizarre.