You’ve got an idea of where to go and what you want to do. But how do you pick the right American tour? While not all companies are the same, there are some specific tour features you should look for. Are you also excited to buy diary planners, check out a big collection of lang calendars with best price here.

Before you whip out your wallet for your American holiday, go over what the company is providing and all the rules, features and benefits of the tour. While some red flags are often obvious, such as a poor business rating with local consumer groups and bad reviews, others may not be so easy to spot.

Clear Fees

All the fees for your trip should be clear and set in writing before you pay or sign any sort of agreement. Fees for any optional activities you can do should also be disclosed. Hidden or ‘surprise’ fees can negatively impact your American holidays experience and make an unwelcome dent in your budget. If you’re not certain about what the trip fees cover, ask the provider for a written fee statement. All-inclusive packages should detail exactly what “inclusive” covers and what it doesn’t.


A more experienced company can provide a well-rounded and secure trip experience. Experience does count when it comes to traveling, as the company needs to know how to respond to emergency situations and unexpected plan changes quickly. A more established agency is also less likely to go under or mishandle funds. Look for companies that have been in business for a least a decade and belong to a local or national tour group association.

Tour Operation

A lot of companies don’t directly operate their own tours. The more the company is involved in its tour operation, the better experience you’re likely to have. It gives the agency a first-hand feel of its product, allowing for improvements over time based on both employee and customer reviews and input.

Tour Leaders

Experienced tour guides are necessary on an American trip. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, it’s easy to get lost or stray off the main path. Having a tour leader around to guide you, make sure all stops are covered and answer questions is a huge help on a holiday.

Ask the tour agency about their guide’s experience and their availability on the tour itself. If you’re not able to contact the guide or rely on their experience, you may want to consider another company.

Don’t forget to check out reviews of the tours you’re considering from people who actually went on them. The provider’s website, travel websites and travel blogs should feature people talking about the high points or low points of the tour. Another person’s perspective can help you make a final decision and highlight things you should look for that you hadn’t even thought about.