Grow acne skin should pay special attention to cleanliness. Girls always thought that washing face a little oil left is best, but acne and oil are not always accompanied by the existence of mutual relations, such as adult acne, the position of acne skin usually relatively dry, it pay more than necessary is too clean. because grow adult acne skin usually have to reduce oil secretion, and if the whole series control oil and control acne, will only make the skin dry and worse, ineffective remove acne, in doing so they will do even more wrinkled skin.

Irregular schedule, or changes in mood more days, this should be done to add moisture to the skin, face cream less alkaline, multi-use Water-based products. Adult acne in the choice of facial cream, it is recommended to choose Deep Clean rather than Oil-Control-type facial cream. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

2, the focus of anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory young acne and adult acne very different from the anti-inflammatory, acne can be used with aloe vera, tea tree oil, Hamamelis have anti-inflammatory bactericidal efficacy of plant components. However, adult acne causes are not the same, required the use of anti-inflammatory role in purifying the acne cream to curb the acne growth.

Do not get too thick concealer cream coated, thin layer is sufficient, otherwise acne may make the inflammation worse. In addition, many brands now also launched a special preparation for adults acne first aid and special concealer stick, you can have targeted use.

UV cosmetics can do to prevent sunburn?

Truth: Today, many cosmetic manufacturers have introduced cosmetic UV filtering, and propaganda that these substances were added sunscreen (factor) in cosmetics to protect the skin is not long sunburn. This is not true. These cosmetics light protective factor content usually is not high enough, and thus can not prevent the strong ultraviolet radiation, but can not prevent sun damage to skin.

Expert Tip: To sunscreen, you belong in accordance with their skin type, using special sunscreen. Those sensitive skin should use the highest possible content of the light protection factor sun cream.

Oily skin should be kept clean

The truth: Those oily skin, and if you want to wash frequently resorted to the oil through the situation under control, the effect will only be counterproductive. Cleaning the skin off because the ground will dry skin, so that the production of sebaceous gland secretion lipids become more diligent.

Experts TIPS: oily skin should use non-soap, and gentle cleansing agents to clean, sooner or later, the first, and then immediately applying non-oily skin care day cream, rather than frequent washing.