You know you’re British when you order tea at Starbucks

First let me say that Americans seem to be obsessed with Starbucks, I really don’t get what the frenzy is over Starbucks, paying $6 for a drink when you could make it at home for less than $1. But Everyone seems to have no problem paying those premium prices for coffee nowadays and my friend goes here all the time to get her Mocha coffee with whip cream and sugar, which I don’t think is Coffee at that point but almost a dessert.

Anyways my friend’s excuse is that it’s a great place to get some work done and I agree, I tend to begin to slack off when at home, when I should be studying or working on my business. But at home you just get relaxed and albeit a bit lazy.

In Michigan there seems to be various places to get some coffee, Starbucks of course but also a store called Caribbou Coffee and Bigby Coffee, Biggby is more like fast food of coffee and doesn’t have too much ambiance.

Starbucks and Caribbou is very similar but my friend always prefers Starbucks because they have this blueberry muffin she really likes..

What is funny is I had another “you know you’re British when…” moment the other day, we went to Starbucks with 3 of my other buddies to “get work done” but really we just wanted to go outside, spend bit of money and chit chat.

All my friends ordered coffee naturally, but I ordered tee. My friends looked at me like I was crazy, especially me being British and ordering in my accent especially made it funny for them. Naturally they said comments like “does British people only drink tea?” in a good-hearted joking way. WHich made me laugh at the reality and truth of that. yes we Brits love our teas and I don’t think we will ever get away from that. It is like in our DNA and we drink it whenever we gather with friends in a public area and take sips on tea and talk about 100 different topics.

You can almost say it is tea not alcohol that holds the social fabric of Great country of Britain! Yes it is that important to our existence and our culture.

Without tea many of the wonderful groups and treaty, not to mention many babies that were born as a result of man and a woman meeting during a tea break!

At first I was bit embarrassed of showing my Brit sides, when I was trying hard to adapt and mold into American society, however this was then replaced by another feeling of acceptance to own my Brit side no matter how silly that may be, and express it honestly as something to be valued because it makes me unique.

With that feeling behind me, I stood confidently and told them the cultural background about tea drinking instead of being ashamed of it. And my friends listen intently with great interest.

In the several months I’ve been getting Americanized, somethings may be better to remain as they are. Britain qualities, because that’s who I am and I should accept those parts of myself instead of rejecting it. There was a big lesson there for me about self-acceptance.

It is wonderful to be Britain and this blog has been in a way therapeutic for me, to express those inner conflicts I have of trying to change myself and better myself which should be on-going to self-acceptance. It is a fine balance.

You know you’re British When You Don’t Know How to Change a Spare

You know you’re British when you have no idea what to do going down i-75 in Michigan, get a flat tire and you’re left stranded on side of the high way not knowing what to do and sitting in the car for 1 hour completely lost and clueless.

Yes I had one of those days where nothing was working out for me, it seemed that every little thing I did snowballed into something bad, I was feeling dis empowered and feeling like a victim.

I was not very productive at work, I got slammed with new duties which I needed support with, I wasn’t having any luck setting up a date, I forgot my lunch, didn’t have money to go buy lunch so I sat all day starving till my co-worker gave me a bagel, and if that wasn’t enough at the end of the day, when all I wanted to do was get back home, I get a flat tire on the highway…

Yea… it was one of THOSE days.

I parked my car on the side of the highway in Troy Michigan and I sat there not knowing what to do, really intimidated about going outside and just watched cars zip past me at 80 mph, wow what a fun time!

I knew that even if I got out of the car, I would only be pretending like I knew what I was knowing and not get anywhere fast! See back in London I didn’t even drive a car! I took bus and train or walked everywhere to get to where I needed. It was only after being in the states homestay it dawned on me that I needed to learn to drive well atleast in Michigan.

So I learned to drive with the help of my home stay family whom generously brought me to driving classes and trained me on the weekend in the Costco or Walmart parking lot when we would do our Sunday groccery shopping.


Now I could have called my homestay family but they already take care of me so much somehow I felt guilty of calling them up for this when it is all my fault for not learning to change a flat tire! I mean isn’t it illegal to drive when you don’t know how? So I thought, so I was frozen with fear inside my car just simply wanting to close my eyes and wish it was a bad dream but sadly it was reality.

Then a brilliant idea hit me, there must be companies out there that might come to your car and change the tire for you! So on my phone I searched for change flat tire in Troy, MI and it came up with a company called Troy Towing and I called them up.

The owner seemed very friendly and he said only $60, although that was pretty tough to cough up granted I didn’t even have the money for lunch that day, It sounded reasonable and they told me they would accept cards so I just went ahead and had them come out.

They came out in 30 min and changed my flat tire in 15 min, they were very courteous and professional. That is what I can truly admire about many of the local businesses I have dealt with in Michigan whether that’s a limousine company or towing company, they all seem like down to earth, hard working & caring people that makes me glad to be paying them for their services.

Well I can’t thank those guys enough about saving me from the side of the high way especially a high traffic one like i-75


You definitely know you’re British when you don’t know how to change your own spare tire. So my tip to all the Brits out there doing home stays or just moving to US where car driving becomes the norm for you, make sure you know how to change your own tire and if not, have a smartphone ready and call the nearest towing company near you, for most Brits out there, the latter option might be the best every time lol…

The Florida Trip Opened My Eyes to True Beauty of America


So in the last post I gave a brief introduction on my latest venture of going to Florida and it really opened my eyes to the beautiful country of America. I will forever remember groups of friends that I met and sharing my dreams and goals with them as they shared their dreams and vision.

I love this country now because everyone has a dream, they want to do more out of life. They want to go get more things in life and make things happen. Its what I am into and I want to be around people that are going after their dreams and working hard. when we are with these types of people I feel that I think different and I’m more inspired to take actions and doing everything in my power each day to inch myself closer to my dreams and visions.

I may not always be the most productive person everyday but I try to be the best person I can be each and everyday and get myself to the highest level possible both financially spiritually and emotionally. There is a whole group of people out there that waits for things to happen in life and then there’s some people out there that’s taking massive action towards their goals and dreams. I am one of the rare people in life that goes after what I want and takes what I want because I am on a path towards success.

Success is my duty my obligation and my job to fulfill my potential as a human being. When I came from Britain I was not driven towards success as I am now. But after getting influenced by my homestay family and friends and now the new group of friends I met in Florida I feel invigorated and energized to go after my dreams and visions harder than I ever have before and that gives me true passion in life to do what others are unwilling to do today so that I can be successful tomorrow.


Because one day I have dreams of being able to live in a house like above and not just one but all over the world.

For me I am about doing what’s ethical and right for my family and friends and in order to be of service I first have to be wealthy and be the best person I can be so that I can better serve others in the future. The vision of the person I want to become is so bright and so magnificent that it is blinding. I will get there one way or another and it will be epic on every level. I am always looking out for the best for myself and family in Britain but sometimes its good to just get out of your own way of worrying of society norms and just go after what I truly believe in.

I work hard and it feels good. The trip to Florida really instilled and inspired in my great commitment towards success. From now on I will approach success like my life depend on it. I will go out there and make big things happen and shake the world.

So people comment that I have the American mindset and maybe someday I won’t be saying “you know your British when..” but rather “you know you became American when…”

I am really truly enjoying my stay in America and starting to really like this blogging thing as well. Sort of like my anonymous diary to the world….

You know your Brit When You Need Chauffeuring To the Airport


You know you’re definitely British when you can’t Drive on the Michigan’s crazy Highways. I mean Michiganders go 80 MPH! That’s unheard of from where I come from. At most people are doing 55 MPH and that’s still fast in my opinion.

Anyway this blog post will be about a experience I had the other day about needing to go to the airport to go to a small gathering with friends down in Florida to escape the Michigan climate.

My home stay family had to work in the morning and they offered to give me a car to the airport but I was too nervous to handle the snowy roads and high speed highways so I had to once again get a limousine service out of Novi to get myself chauffeured! My friend recommended me this company after using them for a party bus rental for his Bachelor party and was told that they do a fine job and the owner is very friendly.

Boy do I live the good life! Haha, well just kidding I paid for the limo myself so I would of actually saved money if I could drive but what do you do. Its better to get to the destination safe and stress free before a long trip in my opinion. And a limo ride is strangely more relaxing than any other ride.


My plane was to depart from 8:00 AM and I arrived right at the gate so no need to take the shuttle bus, the driver opened the door for me and was very polite and carried my bags right up to inside of the airport even though it was freezing. I really appreciated the driver’s service and I was grateful.

So because limo driver drove me right up to the gate, I had plenty of time before boarding time so I went to a Japanese restaurant nearby and got some Udon to eat. It was quite pricey but it was delicious, very good for an airport.

Now on the plane I had a great time watching the Avengers again on my iPad for the 50th time or something, I really love that movie and my favorite has to be Tony Stark, Iron Man. So that movie is the best and I enjoy watching it all the time.

The plane ride was smooth to Florida, I slept a good 2-4 hours on it which was great and made time fly by quick. I was also sitting in a empty row which was awesome and you feel like you won the lottery.

Arriving to Florida was a pleasant experience, as soon as I stepped out of the plane I could feel the warm breeze welcoming me to take off my jackets and feel the air a little bit. It was a wonderful experience.

I could feel the energy of the place was bit more lively than Michigan and I knew I was going to be in for a wild treat of fun and adventures.

Now this blog post will have to be two part because I’m typing this in Florida right now and I still have not even finished with my adventures here. Let me just say it is a great state and I love the friends that I’ve met so far. At the end of the day that’s really the #1 attractive thing for any place, is the people that live there. And so far I have to say Florida has some stellar people in my book.


The Fun Part of Being a Brit

Being a brit is fun when you begin to really appreciate who and what you are. All the quirkiness that comes from being a Brit is hilarious when you begin to really think about it hehe.

Being a Brit is funny. We have fun accents and we are easy going people.

For example, I love Ricky Gervais.


He is funny brilliant man, and I wish to be like him someday. He makes lots of money doing what he loves. What a great profession he has. I love his sense of humor and the Office will forever be my all time favorite show. To me nothing compares.

And each year I feel like he gets Funnier.

Like the show he makes with Karl is fantastic. Kindness is indeed magic.

Brits are friendly and sometimes we like to get wild on some night out on town because we know how to drink. This is what this blog is all about at the end of the day we Brits are more similar to Americans than most people realize.

I know for certain that one day when I am done with my stay in the USA, I will have friends here that will come visit me in Great Britain. We already talked about what that will be like and the kind of adventures that I can show my friends. I have to say I get lit up with excitement just by thinking about it.

Right now hard work is what I am into. I don’t have time for parties or get together because I am trying to create a brighter future for myself and my family. I work extra hard all the time and I am slowly but surely establishing my power over my competition because I take massive action when others wouldn’t.

I feel like if you’re willing to take action when other won’t you are really headed to massive success in the near future. You know I can’t foresee the future but I know that If I keep taking 10x action that I will succeed. I don’t know who put this belief in me but I will keep taking a lot of action and create a great future for myself.

Now this is the next part of my journey and I will continue to display great ability to work with others and my fellow Americans.

But I digress. Being a Brit is mostly fun, I am just in a action taking kick at the moment.

Grand Rapids Fun


Hello guys here I will write about incidents when you realize you are British.

So a little background story about me is that I grew up in Great Britain and ever since I was little I was fascinated by Americas. I mean I watched all American films, I dreamed about American lifestyle, read all the marvel comics, and even made American friends. And at age 25 I finally got an opportunity to go to America for work. I work for electrical wiring company and there was a sales office opening up in Michigan where I am now currently staying.

This company produces LED lighting to fiber optic wiring, and I am happy that I am now living in the USA but not so ideal that it was Michigan of all places, I don’t know… it’s just very cold. Maybe I haven’t gotten used to it yet. So I trudge along for now in the snow and try to drive safe here.

Anyway the other day I was with work buddies in Grand Rapids, MI when one of my co-worker decided we should get a limousine to celebrate our first month together and go out on the town.

It sounded like a great idea so we proceded to scan through Google and found one reputable looking company to get in touch with. It had pretty impressive vehicles so we were pretty stoked about it.

I just wanted to go out that night and party a little bit but we decided to get few fifth and proceeded to drink. The limousine arrived on time and it was quite the nice one, a lot better than what I was used to. You definately know you are Brit when the limo you imagined was just a old black stretch you see in 1980’s movies. This limousine was a long a hummer stretch and the inside was very large and cool.


I’ve never been in such a sleek vehicle before from the lighting, to speaker system, to luxurious looking interior. It was quite simply fantastic.

So we went couple blocks due south to downtown Grand Rapids and went out to hit the bars in town pretty hard. Everything was bright and exciting and I was started to get to know my co-workers well and having a great time.

It wasn’t till 2 AM rolled around that I noticed that I had drunk little too much and things were a bit hazy to say the least. Luckily we had a limousine to take us home so we were safe. We got back into the limo and decided we had enough fun for the night so we went our merry ways back to our apartments and the limousine did a fine job.

Let me tell you few points that made me feel that yes I’m def a Brit

1. American women dance by grinding

2. American Hip Hop is played more often then pop songs

3. Liquor seems 2x stronger here in the states

So yea every single day I notice various things that’s different about myself and American culture. Perhaps I’m still under culture shock. I wonder how long it takes for one to completely integrate into a new culture. And how long does it take for one to become fluent and unrecognizable from others in the culture.

I have to tell you though in the States it does feel less restricted and more free. Like there is more space here and people live more vicariously. People seem less rigid, now maybe this is because I’m in Michigan and not in a big city like where I was from, but I def dig the new lifestyle of little bit slower pace, and everyone seems pretty open and friendly for the most part. I’m not sure but there seems to be a lot of value to look up to in the States and I will work to uncover all those things.

All in all I am enjoying my stay here and hope to continue exploring, anyway this limousine experience was one in the books. And the big plus was that I got to know my co-workers better and hopefully it leads to better synergy in the work place and I get to have even more fun integrating into American culture well that’s it for now guys. Talk to you soon.